For my final project, I tidied up my Twine project! As I mentioned in my first post, for the second half of my project I was inspired one of my favorite books from high school called Grendel. In this iteration of the Twine story, I did not add more paths, rather I “beefed” them up by incorporating philosophical theories to follow the plot. Links throughout bring you to wikipedia pages for different types of philosophy. For example, the last slide represents Nihilism. The player does not know this, but though there are choices to click on throughout the story, the result is always the same, you “die”. This represents the “everything is futile” nature of the ideology. Ultimately there is no right or wrong path, you end up in the same place at the same time. A type of morbid comfort. Some of the philosophies don’t align perfectly, but I made sure that the most basic principles of each philosophy would make sense alongside the story. Lastly, I wanted to juxtapose the semi-serious nature of the philosophy in story with the absolute silliness of the Spongebob GIFs. I liked playing with the tension between juvenile and more mature topics. I’d be interested to tell my mom that one of my final projects focused on one of the cartoons she didn’t like me to watch as a kid.

In closing, I am glad that I got to upgrade this project, because I was able to narrow in on a theme, for the GIFs and the stages, and present a more cohesive story about what post grads might feel after leaving the familiarity of the school system.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 23.51.23

  • Gabrielle Chapman


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