For my final project, I decided to expand on my Twine project to create a second part that explains why we, the world, should ban nuclear weapons, and shares the best way to go about it. I included the first part so that new site visitors can learn about nuclear weapons before learning how we can ban them. I really enjoyed playing around with the colors, font effects, videos, and images. To switch things up a bit and make my project more interactive with the audience, I incorporated a multiple choice question where the viewers have to guess which group of states have not signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and if/when they guess the correct answer, they can continue on to the next page. I also included images and videos from well-known humanitarian organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

I used Twine as a platform to tactically display the importance and urgency of the need to ban nuclear weapons. I had a message that I wanted to share, and Twine was a great tool in helping me create a story-like method to advocate for the ban of nuclear weapons. After finishing my project, I thought about how my work would become obsolete and disappear one day. But I know that like everything else, now is the time to create action, and it’s those actions that we make now that will impact what happens in the future.

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